MultiEX N7 Konz. 25L

MultiEx N7 TS, 25L. Pesuaine Stensiilien pesuun. Tiiviste

  • Tuote nro: 090643-CN25

Tuotteen kuvaus

MultiEx N7-TS Regenerative aqueous cleaning and rinsing detergent MultiEx® N7 TS is an aqueous, pH-neutral broadband cleaning and / or rinsing detergent for ultra-fine and fine cleaning tasks.  MultiEx® N7 TS cleans particularly SMD-paste, dust, fats, oils and (conditionally) colophonium and flux.  MultiEx® N7 TS is most suitable for the quick and thorough cleaning with best material protection of stencils, screens and for the stencil underside / flipside cleaning inside screen printers. Depending on cleaning task also suitable for assembled PCBs, solder carriers, solder pallets, ESD boxes, PCB magazines.  MultiEx® N7 TS is available as ReadyMix (green screw cap) and concentrate to blend with water (yellow screw cap) for use in kolb systems with PowerSpray® technology and common spray-in-air cleaning systems as well as inside screen printers. Depending on product and cleaning task also suitable for kolb AirFlow® systems as well common spray-in- immersion and ultrasonic cleaning systems. MultiEx® N7 TS as a concentrate reaches its best efficiency at a blending ratio of 1:2,5 to 1:4.
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