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kolb Cleaning Technology provides highly efficient single-chamber parts cleaning systems with Power Spray® spray-in-air and AirFlow® air-in-immersion technology for the thourough cleaning of bulk, turning and milling parts or larger / complex parts of fats, oils, waxes, chips, pastes or flux.

All systems are fully automated, e.g. equipped as standard with integrated ClosedLoop detergent and rinse-processing technology, automatic water change for the rinsing circuit, hot air drying, PLC controlled process and maintenance intervals as well as the event output and software control via touch screen.

The systems can be equipped with rotary units for up to six standard rotary baskets (W 185 ▪ D 340 ▪ H 190 mm), with up to four shelf baskets (systems AQUBE® PH7, AQUBE® PH9) as well as with bulk drums (up total size Ø 300 ▪ W 1190 mm) or be operated as a pure or full chamber submersible flood system (AF30P).

Sophisticated options such as ultrasonic unit, rotors run monitoring, DI water control unit, heater for the cleaning tank, oil skimmers, descaling unit, drip pan, MB / DI cartridge, SPC data scanner unit, etc. allow perfectly tuned system configuration whatever the individual demand might be.

kolb cleaning systems provide low operating costs, high efficieny, quick and thorough cleaning of all common processing residues, tailored to the component material and geometry.

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