ASMPT Dek - Pastanpaino


The DEK TQ is superfast (core cycle time: only 5 to 6.5 seconds), highly precise (±17.0 microns @ 2 Cmk), and a real space-saver. With two model versions, the platform now also features outstanding flexibility: the DEK TQ for boards measuring up to 400 by 400 millimeters, and the DEK TQ L for boards measuring up to 600 by 510 millimeters.

New three-stage conveyors, the unique ASMPT NuMotion controller with fiber-optic cabling and up to 50 percent faster cleaning processes guarantee high-speed operation. New drives, off-belt printing and innovative clamping systems deliver unprecedented accuracy and an exceptionally stable printing process. With the Dual Access Cover for paste cartridge changeover without stopping the printer, automatic Smart Pin Support and a series of more smart features, the printers run on average for more than eight hours without a single user assist. Thanks to its many interfaces and supported communication standards, the DEK TQ platform fits into ASMPT’s Open Automation concept seamlessly.

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