ASMPT Process Lens

Process Lens / Process Lens HD (SPI)

Measure what matters

The Process Lens high-end 5D SPI system offers an unprecedented combination of speed and precision, and thanks to the use of powerful state-of-the-art algorithms, it understands exactly what it measures and knows how to interpret the results.

  • Innovative: DLP chips with 8 or 20 million micromirrors (standard and HD version, respectively) produce absolutely distortion-free Moiré patterns
  • Fast and reliable: Up to 70 percent shorter inspection times and up to 80 percent fewer false calls compared to traditional SPI systems.
  • High precision: With a resolution of down to 10 µm, speed and precision are no longer mutually exclusive with the Process Lens.
  • Measures what matters: The Process Lens measures paste deposits, glue, contamination, dust, and a whole lot more – all while suppressing any measurement noise generated by the PCB.

Since the Process Lens delivers constant feedback on a variety of factors and trends beginning with the first board that leaves the printer, you can take countermeasures before the first error even occurs: true and accurate process data ensures efficient and effective process optimization.

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