MULTIEX B11 Konz, 10l

MultiEX B11, 10L, Pesuaine stensiilien ja muiden osien pesuun. Tiiviste

  • Tuote nro: 090637-CN10

Tuotteen kuvaus

MultiEx B11 Multifunctional aqueous cleaning detergent MultiEx® B11 is an aqueous alkaline broadband cleaning detergent for ultrafine and fine cleaning tasks.  MultiEx® B11 cleans particularly SMD paste, SMD adhesive and (conditionally) colophonium and flux.  MultiEx® B11 is most suitable for the quick and thorough cleaning with best material protection of stencils, screens, solder frames, solder pallets, ESD boxes, PCB magazines. Depending on cleaning task also suitable for assembled PCBs or condensation traps, coolers, steel sheets.  MultiEx® B11 is available as concentrate to blend with water (yellow screw cap) for use in kolb systems with PowerSpray® technology and common spray-in-air cleaning systems. Depending on product and cleaning task also suitable for kolb AirFlow® systems as well as common spray-in-immersion and ultrasonic cleaning systems. MultiEx® B11 reaches its best efficiency at a blending ratio of 1:2,5.
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