Water based no-clean selective soldering flux

INTERFLUX Selectif 2040 vesipohjainen juoksute selektiivijuottamiseen

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SelectIF 2040 is a VOC-free and no-clean soldering flux de-veloped for selective soldering. The flux combines a wide pro-cess window in selective solder-ing with low residue formation. SelectIF 2040 is suitable for soldering units with high thermal mass and hence high tempera-tures and long process times. Due to its special composition, it leaves less residues after solder-ing than the conventional fluxes for selective soldering. SelectIF 2040 tends to give low solder balling after soldering. The flux is compatible with lead-free and SnPb alloys Additionally, the flux is absolute-ly halogen free, guaranteeing a high reliability after soldering.