Independent 130 Profi set

  • Tuote nro: 0G13400141

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      ERSA Indpendent 130 "Profi Set"   Powerful gas soldering set with professional equippment   The larger edition of ERSA gas soldering irons, the Independent 130, is most suitable in situations where sophisticated soldering solutions are required off the line. Due to a large power spectrum which is infinitely variable from 25 - 130 watts (compared with electrical soldering irons) and a large selection of soldering tips, the Independent 130 offers many applications in the servicing, installation, repair and maintenance field.   The integrated piezo ignition together with the fact that the iron operates on commercially available butane gas ensures easy handling and high reliability. One filling is sufficient for an operating time of approx. 120 min, the max. soldering tip temperature is approx. 580°C.   The Independent 130 Profi Set includes a gas soldering iron with pre-installed catalytic soldering tip, in another 3 soldering tips, a hot blade to shape and cut high-resistance foam, a hot gas nozzle and a deflector to shrink different sizes of heat-shrinkable sleeves and to solder SMD components as well as a flame nozzle to micro weld and a sponge container with cleaning sponge.